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Thomas Davenport Invented First Electric Motor

Earl Davenport, 70, inventor of an over-unity motor and generator (and the alternator, when he was 12), is the direct offspring of Thomas Davenport


"The Inventors of the Electric Motor,"The Electrical Engineer 11 (7 January 1891): 3.

"Besides his other experiments, Samuel F.B. Morse, who invented the electric telegraph in 1832, was tinkering with the concept of an electric motor. But the honor of inventing and patenting the first electric motor went to Vermont native Thomas Davenport, a blacksmith (see "The Blacksmith's Motor," July 1999). Davenport's motor design instituted the first configuration of a commutator, whose concept is used in electric motors today."

Source: Motoring Madness: The history and development of America's favorite mechanical object: the automobile. (Mechanical Engineering Magazine, Nov. 2000)



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