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Go to: - an adjunct project of PerenTech currently being founded for the purpose of open sourcing alternative energy technologies.





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Free Plans

Our purpose is to feature at least one "free energy" technology free to the public with plain and complete instructions of how to build the device, providing supplemental kits and assembled units at a reasonable cost for those who do not wish to build it themselves from scratch.

At this point, we offer three links where this kind of openness exists.  We intend to develop at least one of these to the point where we can do as proposed.  We also intend to give the inventor(s) a fair royalty from any sales of kits or assembled units, even if their patents are expired or if they have no patent.

Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor featured in Science and Mechanics 1980

US Patent#6392370; John Bedini's System
US Patent#6392370

  • Magnetic Motor by - Complete set of instructions, with sketches.  Technology give-away.  Independent engineer says the instructions are inadequate and suspect.
Magnetic Motor plans


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