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Perendev ElectroMagnetic Motor (EMM)

Electromagnetic electricity generator by Perendev requires no fuel.  The unit itself is cheaper than comparable diesel-powered generators.  Unit sizes 100 kW, 300 kW, 1 MW, 4 MW.

The Perendev electromagnetic motor has not been validated.
  Despite diligent efforts to confirm these claims, no evidence has been supplied that such a system works, let alone that it exists. (Apr. 24, 2007)

Concept image for 100 and 300 kW unit
(photo is actually of a John Deer system, unrelated)

General Parameters

Units from 300 kW to 4 MW. Pricing on request.

Motors are never sold outright; a sale/lease agreement gives the person the use of the equipment for 5 years which is prepaid, thereafter a nominal fee is payable monthly to maintain the lease agreement, this monthly fee is normally in the region of 100 Euro per month, this fee will include a maintenance contact .

Units can be designed for client application. Pricing depends on client specifications requested.

Product Summary

  • Continuous power.
  • No blackouts
  • No fuel
  • 5 years guarantee conditional

300 kW Motor


Price: 38 000 Euro sale/lease

The 300kw generator has the ability to produce 290kw per hour constantly.

The units comes complete with alternator control panel and case .

Weight: 350kg + depending on configuration.

Alternator: Hitachi, Bosch or AEG are used, depending on the type, volt and amp rating vary.

Output: European standard : 400 volt 3 phase 451 amps depending on type of alternator.

3 x 240 volt outlet sockets.
1x 400 volt outlet socket.
Direct mains connectable

EMM Motor: output 300kw continuous through a 2x1 ratio gearbox.

Dimensions : 1.6m Long x 1.2m Wide x 1.4m High

100 kW Motor


Price: 17 000 Euro

Power output : 100 kW 263.157 amps at 380 volt 3 phase.

Continuous power output is 90 kW

Synchronous generator.
4 or 8 pole

Temperature rating is 30-40c normal load

Weight 250kg

Dimensions: 1.2m Long x 1.2m Wide x 1.4m High

Fuel: None

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